Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can Motor Export arrange for Insurance during shipping?

Yes – we can arrange for cover under our own Marine Insurance policy to most destinations.

Q: What delivery options are available?

We are very experienced at using airfreight services and are please to quote this where available.

Q: How would my car be delivered to port?

We use a reputable logistics company to deliver our cars to port. Cars are not driven unless agreed with the customer.

Q: What shipping documents will I receive?

You will receive the following shipping documents:
a. Bill of Landing b. Customs Invoice c. Any further documentation for registration purposes (if required)

Q: How will I come to know the shipment date of my vehicle?

When your vehicle has been booked for shipment, our shipping department will create a shipping notification that will be sent to you via e-mail or fax indicating the estimated time of departure (ETD) and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Q: Who would package & ship my car?

We prepare all our cars to the highest standards and just before shipping.. If the car is being shipped by container we deliver it to a specialist freight Package Company that we have worked with closely for many years, so it can be safely stored and secured into its container.

Q: How do I buy a car that Motor Export has advertised?

Firstly, give us a call or send an e-mail. We will run you through our terms of business and the range of payment options available.

Q: What do Motor Export prices include?

The price shown advertised on the website is the price you will pay for the car if it is to be exported outside of the EEC. The prices is ‘Ex-Works’ from the UK, so do not include any transport or shipping.



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